Letter of the CEO

We are proud of welcoming you to the world of 1765. A hospitality management solutions and consultancy company dedicated to the sustainable development of the hospitality industry in the Middle East that specializes in developing, managing and providing consultancy services to Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Clubs, and Catering facilities.

The need to be selective in choosing a management partner has never been felt more acutely in the history of the hospitality industry than today. It is a given that only through understanding of ownerships and investment can one appreciate what the expectation of operational and bottom line profits should be. For an owner, the ideal management partner is one who has a right feel of the marketplace and the industry growth patterns, and it takes an entrepreneurial perspective to understand the vision of an owner.

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To  cater to hospitality investors and operators in the Middle-East by providing them with world class management solutions and consultancy services in order to grasp market potential opportunities and  maintain sustainable development of their businesses through applying our seasoned team expertise and knowledge with ethical attitude while serving potential stakeholders, including local communities and the prosperity of the region’s hospitality.


  • We believe that our client is the epicenter of our business universe.
  • We seek to orchestrate client’s dream with real life business.
  • We believe in glocalizing our business vision.
  • We integrate ownership-spirit in our work.
  • We professionally appeal to all human senses and beyond.
  • We strive for a charismatic presence in the marketplace.
  • We believe in client’s experience economy.
  • We make of every project a masterpiece.
  • We have passion for continuous self-development.
  • We advise and manage with style.